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About Jim...
Jim "Bruiser" Krueger was born and raised in Manitowoc. He was self taught starting with a ukulele and an accordion.
Heavily influenced by the folk movement of the early and mid 1960's, J
im became prolific on the 5-string banjo. The acoustic guitar was next, finally giving way to the electric, from the influence of Bob Dylan and the Beatles.

From 1967 to 1970, Jim was a member of the legendary group Grease. In 1971 Jim moved to San Francisco to join the nationally known AB Skhy Band.1973 was the first year Jim was recording on a major label with the Tim Weisberg/Dreamspeaker Album. That same year Jim joined Dave Mason's Band touring and recording on and off for the next 20 years. In 1976 Jim wrote and recorded Dave's biggest hit, "We Just Disagree," earning Jim's second gold album. The following year, Jim, Mike Finnigan and Les Dudek formed the DFK Band, also on Columbia Records. In the early '80's, Jim joined Mike Finnigan and the Right Band on the live TV concert show "Rock & Roll Tonite." Jim and the band backed up legendary artists Les Paul, Todd Rundgren, Steven Stills, Etta James, Ted Nugent, Paul Butterfield and the Band, along with their own material. In 1987, Jim moved back to Manitowoc, but continued to record and tour with Dave Mason. The local bands, the Traveling Kingsburys and the Normal Adults, were formed in 1991. Jim let everybody in on his fun, creating the Happy Schnapps Combo. Jim died in 1993, but his music was recorded by numerous artists including his boyhood idol, Bob Dylan. Jim's music lives on and as time goes by, seems to sound hipper and timeless with age.

(Written by Jim's brother, Rich Krueger)

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